Business Technology

Over the past four decades, Continental has worked hard to develop best-in-class capabilities to monitor and improve our inventory systems. This fine-tuning has one goal: to ensure seamless, consistent supply for our customers.

Continental’s Ultimate Business System (CUBS) is our customized global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Developed in-house by Continental’s programmers, CUBS is our primary software tool for inventory management, as well as sales, purchasing, and logistics.

CUBS allows us to look at inventory on a global basis and relocate products in real time. Through CUBS, our invoicing process is quick and efficient, with full electronic data interchange (EDI) capability.

CUBS was tailor-made to serve the needs of our customers, our industry and our company. It supports our goal of providing leading-edge service, solutions and products, while always being customer-friendly and easy to work with.

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